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lionslogo-4-color-smallWelcome to Our Site


The Chicago Northwest Lions club was chartered as a 'Lions Club' in 1923.  In 2013 we celebrated our 90th year as a Lions Club.  Having been a Chicago area Lions Club for over 90 years we enjoy a rich and full history of which we are very proud.  It is our hope that you will be inspired by what you see on our site and consider becoming a lion yourself so you can experience Lionism!  Come for a vist at one of our meetings in convienent Norwood Park just across from the train station.  Visitors are always welcome!  We are actively seeking new members so if you have a desire to become part of an organization that enjoys a scope from local to global give Lions a good look.  Opportunities abound as a Lion.

The Lions Logo

The Lions Logo shows two Lions - one looking forward to the future to keep us focused on tomorrow and one looking rearward to remind us not to forget the past.  This dual focus serves to remind us of our rich heritage while keeping us aware of our future goals and aspirations.

Lion Pride

All Lions take pride in the activities of other lions clubs and individual lions. Membership in a Lions Club allows us to share in a common purpose to serve others through the combined efforts of all Lions around the world.  The specific needs and methods may vary but the overall guiding theme is always in line with the Lions Motto - 'We Serve'.


There are multiple foundations in Lionism.  These 503C foundations are the main source of grants and community involvement in the various regions they support.   Lions International Foundation and the Lions of Illinois Foundation are the two foundations that we directly support through our various activities and fund raisers.

Lions International

Lion Clubs International - the heart of Lions Clubs on a world wide basis - is an incredible resource for all Lion Clubs.  They readily distribute news and highlight information about various Lions clubs' and their efforts.  Recently they have started a digital version of the monthly magazine that you can view in our Lion Links section.

Club Originization

All Lions Clubs are organized under an approved club charter from Lions Clubs International (LCI).  LCI has oversight responsibility for all things Lions and approves every club charter.  Once a clubs charter is approved they are a 'Lions Club' with all the rights and responsibilities thereof. 

Please feel free to contact us for any addtional information.  We welcome your participation.

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